It has been brought to our attention that several hosting service customers, including some of ours, have been targeted by phishing scams. These deceptive schemes are specifically designed to steal sensitive information, and we want to ensure you have the knowledge and resources to protect yourself.

Understanding the Threat: These phishing attempts are made through emails that closely mimic official communication from our support team, using similar branding elements to appear legitimate. These emails typically urge immediate action on your part, such as dealing with a payment issue or renewing services. They contain deceptive links that lead to fraudulent websites replicating our actual site, designed to trick you into entering your confidential information.

Here’s How You Can Stay Protected:

  1. Avoid Direct Interaction with Links in Emails: If you need to access your account, do so by typing our website's URL ( directly into your browser. This method ensures you avoid landing on a fake site designed to capture your credentials.
  2. Be Cautious with Unsolicited Requests: Remember, any legitimate email from us will never make unsolicited requests for sensitive information. We will not ask for your password or personal details without a prior, related request from you.
  3. Double-check the Source: If you receive any communication that appears to be from us but something seems off, please verify it. Contact our support team directly through official channels before responding or clicking on any links within the email.

Need Help? Reach Out: Your security is of paramount importance to us. If you encounter any communication that you believe is suspicious or if you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team immediately via the client area. We are here to assist you.

Staying Informed About Phishing: Phishing scams are malicious methods used by cybercriminals to lure individuals into providing sensitive data. It's essential to stay informed about such deceitful tactics and always scrutinize unsolicited communications requesting your personal information.

We appreciate your attention to this critical matter and your continued trust in our services. Let's work together to maintain the security and privacy of your online presence.

Lunes, Octubre 23, 2023

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